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What is colocation?

Colocation, colo for short, means that you place the Mac mini that you own in our secure data center. We supply power, bandwidth, and physical security allowing your Mac Pro to be ‘hosted’ on the internet. You can access its desktop or its command line interface. You can use it for file storage, web & database hosting, an e-mail server, or some of the built in OS X Server tools such as calendar, address book, wiki servers, etc. It’s also a great option to virtualize many OS X virtual servers using VMware ESXi.

What if I just wanted to try it out?

We offer 24 hour demo periods to potential customers to allow them to test out the service prior to signing up. We can give you access to a Mac mini in our data center to test out network performance. We currently do not have Mac Pro demo machines available. Enter your details in the Test Drive form at www.macminivault.com/try and we’d be glad to get a demo setup for you.

Is there a contract for colocation?

No. There is not a contract for your Mac Pro colocation. We have 2 basic conditions that apply to cancelations:

  • Prorated refunds are given for service months paid in advance. The current month is not refunded.
  • There is a $50 shipping and handling fee to return your Mac Pro to you.
Is your data center secure?

The data center is monitored by multiple IP video cameras and secured with programmable RFID badges. If a badge goes missing it can be disabled immediately. Each cabinet within the data center has its own RFID lock at both the front and back.

Do you offer hosting in multiple data centers?

We do have a data center in Phoenix that we use for hosting Mac minis. We are currently only hosting Mac Pros out of our Milwaukee data center.

Can I have physical access to my Mac Pro?

Customers can schedule a visit to the data center by opening a support ticket. We can not allow customers in the cabinets, but we can power down your Mac Pro and set it up at a workstation.

How fast is the network connection?

All Late-2013 and newer Mac Pro servers are connected to Cisco gigabit switch stacks. Each gigabit switch stack has redundant fiber connections to redundant core switches which are a pair of Cisco 6509’s. All of our core switches are networked in a redundant high speed 10G fiber layout to our edge routers. You can test your network connection to our data center here.

Peak transfer speeds will depend on the connection at the other end of the transfer and the path it takes. Peak transfer speeds are only temporary and long term transfer rates are reflected in the ‘sustained’ transfer rates listed in our packages.

Do I get a static IPv4 address?

Yes. Each Mac Pro has it’s own static publicly accessible IP (IPv4) /29 Network Block. Larger blocks are available for an additional cost.

Do you support IPv6?

Yes we have multiple native IPv6 peers to the internet. Currently IPv6 is available for customers on our Lite and Pro plans that are not using our Cisco firewall service. To request an IPv6 assignment please open a support ticket.

What is the level of redundancy?

Your Mac mini will be in a datacenter with it’s own dedicated power circuit backed up with Generac generators and N+2 UPS battery systems. Your Mac Pro will be plugged into a Cisco Gigabit switch stack that is connected by fiber to two separate core switches (Cisco 6509’s) which each have multiple 10G fiber connections to our edge routers. Our upstream fiber connections enter at different corners of our business park. Our Mac mini colocation cabinets have redundant access to all of the fiber coming into the building. BGP routing ensures that if one connection goes down, traffic will move to the available connections.

Do you offer DNS service?

We do offer DNS service on our DNS cluster. We can set you up with an account and enter your domains into a DNS zone management system. Contact us for more info.

Do you offer Domains?

Customers can log into their client portal and use the ‘Domains’ menu to register, transfer, and renew domains. For the domain to be ‘live’ the nameservers for the domain will need to be set accordingly if you are going to host your own DNS, use our DNS cluster, or use a 3rd party service for DNS. Standard ‘.com’ domains start at $9.95/year.

Do you offer SSL certificates?

We offer SSL certificates for $39.95/year. Open a support ticket to begin the process, we can assist with the CSR generation and installation of the certificates.

Can I set reverse DNS names?

Yes you can. Just open a support ticket and we will update the reverse DNS records for your IP(s).

Where do I ship the Pro?

When you place an order we will provision an IP network and slot for your Mac Pro. You will receive an email with instructions on how to configure your Mac Pro and where to send it to. Please ensure the Mac Pro is packed safely and the package is insured with the shipping company.

What about the Mac Pro box/packaging?

We catalog and store the Mac Pro boxes in a secure warehouse. If you send your mini in to us with it’s original box we will store it for you and use it for return shipping.

Mac Pro (15)

Can I buy a Mac Pro from Mac Pro Vault?

We do not stock or sell Mac Pro systems. We can however assist with the procurement and deployment of a Mac pro.

Do you rent Mac Pros?

We do not rent or lease our Mac Pro hardware at this time.

Can I run an alternative OS?

Sure thing! We can remove OS X and install VMware ESXi for no additional cost.

How do I access my Network Graphs and Remote Reboot?

The network graphs and remote reboot are a part of the billing portal interface. This is the same area that has your invoice/billing information. Log in here. Under the “Services -> My Services” section there will be a list of all your servers. When you view the details of your Mac mini you will see tabs for the Network Graph and Remote Reboot features. Clicking through the tabs will display more information about your Mac Pro including the network graphs and the remote reboot functionality as the Watchman Monitoring functionality.

Do I need a domain name?

You will be able to access your mini by its IP address or by its server name (example.macminivault.com). We sell “.com” domain names for $9.95. You can connect your domain name from another registrar to your mini by pointing the DNS records to the IP address that you are provided.

Additional Services? SSL? Spam Filtering?

We offer SSL certificates as well as spam filtering services. E-mail <http://www.privatedaddy.com?q=e2F-2BXXhhf2d-2BLxRQSUBCEB5KHWVTL0VxRVQ-3D_19> for more information.

Can I add an external hard drive?

You can add a USB stick at no additional cost. Small USB bus-powered drives can also be added at no additional cost. Larger RAID units (USB/Thunderbolt) can be added for $45.00/month as long as they fit within these dimensions:
Height: 9.88 in./25.1 cm
Width: 7.36 in./18.7 cm
Length: 9.84 in./25 cm

Can I add a USB stick?

Yes, customers can have an USB sticks inserted in their Mac Pro for no additional charge. Simply send the USB Stick with your Mac Pro or contact support in regards to shipping it at a later time.

Can I run a video dongle?

Customers that require higher resolution or snappier video response can have a video dongle connected to their Mac Pro at no additional charge. When the Mac Pro senses a monitor is hooked up to it the display properties will allow for higher resolutions and streamer programs like SplashTop will display faster frame rates.

Can I run a different OS?

You can run ESXi 5.5u3 or higher on the Late-2013 Mac Pro which will allow you to virtualize Windows, Linux, and OS X virtual servers.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! We’ll give current customers two (2) free months of colocation for every new customer that signs up to colo a Mac Pro. There is a referral code box on our signup page, if someone enters in your Mac Pro Vault # we’ll add a credit on your account to equal two months of your current plan. Your Mac Pro Vault # is the prefix of your server name and the name that we use to reference your Mac Pro. For example, if your welcome email and invoices say “p2-5-1.macminivault.com”, your Mac Pro Vault # is “p2-5-1″.

What happens when I leave Mac Pro Vault?

There are no contracts, your service will be canceled with a prorated refund*Refunds are given for months paid in advance. Your Pro will be shipped back to you at a cost of $50*Shipments within the Continental US for transportation. International shipments will be quoted prior to shipping.

Do you take the older style Mac Pro?

Yes we do. To sign up visit our Classic Sign up page.

Do you take X Serves?

Yes! All our colocation is done within secured 48U APC cabinets – even our Mac Minis! We will colo a X Serves however you’ll have to contact us for a custom quote.

View our Custom Solutions page for more information.

Can I run multiple Mac Pros for load balancing, etc?

View our Custom Solutions page for more information.

Contact us with your needs and we can work out a solution for you.

Support (5)

What if I need a reboot?

All our service plans include a control panel for remotely rebooting your Mac Pro. If you are having any difficulties you can open a support ticket.

The network graphs and remote reboot are a part of the billing portal interface. This is the same area that has your invoice/billing information. Log in here. Under the “Services -> My Services” section there will be a list of all your servers. Click ‘View Details’ to display more information about your Mac Pro including the network graphs and the remote reboot functionality.

Please Note: You should ensure the proper configuration is set within the Energy Saver System Preferences. Make sure that ‘Wake of network access’, ‘Restart automatically if the computer freezes’, and ‘Start up automatically after a power failure’ are checked. We also recommend setting a ‘Start up or wake’ schedule outside of our free hands-on support. If the machine is awake and running there will be no issues, if the machine is accidentally shut off or put to sleep it will come back online.

What level of support is included?

We have 24×7 e-mail support available through our ticket system and telephone support from 8am to 5pm CST at 800-862-5965. We will support the network and power connections to your Mac Pro. We will attempt to assist with any software problems, however software support is not inherently included with colocation.

What is “hands on” support?

If you are unable to access your Mac Pro we will provide free hands on support during 7am – 5pm CST on normal business days. There is a $150 charge for emergency hands on support outside of 7-5 on business days. Hands on means we will physically plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into your mini and get it back up for you. Repairing hardware that is not covered by our perpetual warranty is available at an additional charge.

Most things can be handled by a remote reboot, but things like disabled networking, bad firewall rule, or a hardware failure can not be fixed by a reboot.

How does the emergency “hands on” support work?

If you require hands on support (physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to Mac Pro) outside of our free hands on support please open a support ticket. The support ticket should include all the information you have on the possible current state of your Mac mini and any recent changes. We’ll also need to confirm user credentials and if there is important data that may need to be backed up. In order to expedite the process include a phone number and a sentence that states that you authorize the emergency hands on work and accept the $150 per incident charge.

What if my Mac Pro suffers a hardware failure?

We can service your Mac mini with our Apple Authorized Service Provider. Any repair costs would be charged if outside of warranty. We can also send your unit back to you. Any time we ship your Mac Pro there is a $50 shipping fee.