Why a Mac Pro?

OS X Server.

We started hosting Mac minis in 2010. There was a clear need for OS X-dependent services and software hosting. Some software and development tasks need to be done on Apple hardware using OS X. We’ve scaled our Mac mini hosting service to over 1,000 Mac minis and two data centers. Still, there is a need for more performance. Customers with a large user base or processing large amounts of data may see bottle necks with the Mac mini hardware. We do cluster Mac minis, but the Mac Pro is also a solid option. The Mac Pro can be loaded with much more processing power and memory. This also allows for a potent virtualization option when OS X is needed.

Choice of Software

Run OS X, Windows, or VMware ESXi that will allow you to virtualize multiple operating systems. Likewise, VMware Fusion or Parallels can be loaded on OS X for a flexible virtualization option. Note, VMware supports the Late-2013 Mac Pro on their HCL (Hardware Compatibility list) for ESXi 5.5u3 and newer.

Based on Open Source

OS X Server runs Apache, PHP, Dovecot and Postfix. All open source web and mail server software. OS X itself is based on BSD and is UNIX 03 certified. Apple also contributes to many open source projects – https://www.apple.com/opensource/

OS X Server

Turn your Mac into a server by purchasing Server.app from the AppStore on any Mac running OS X 10.10 “Yosemite”. Profile Manager unlocks the capability to control and manage other Macs running OS X 10.7 Lion and newer as well as iOS devices. Xcode Server allows for continuous integration between a team of developers and manages automated software builds & tests. With other features such as calendars, address book, email etc, Wiki Server, and File Sharing Server OS X Server allows for out of the box business collaboration.

Power Usage

At idle, the Mac Pro consumes 85w of power and is way more efficient than the tower-style Mac Pro models. We manage heat with an advanced airflow system. We are able to host a good number of Mac Pros in a single data center cabinet allowing us to maximize the number of clients we can sustain while keeping our power and cooling usage down.