Custom Solutions

custom At our core, we are a data center company. Mac Pro Vault is a part of CyberLynk. CyberLynk is private corporation that builds and owns its own data centers. Mac Pro Vault was made possible with the flexibility that comes along with building and owning data centers. We are able to offer the best possible service at great prices because of our cabinet design. The cabinet design allows us to standardize our Mac Pro colocation service as well, as allowing us to scale quickly while keeping costs in line.

When customers need something unique we apply our knowledge and expertise towards building a customized solution. We have the ability to take rack space from a few U to multiple cabinets and build it out to suit a customer’s spec.

We apply our standard colocation plan features but charge competitive rates for the exact space and bandwidth needed. A custom solutions can allow for:

  • – Special network configurations
  • – Large external storage devices
  • – Networking Hardware (Firewall, Switch, Load Balancer)
  • – Mac Pro, Xserve, or other non-Mac mini hardware
  • – Large scale clusters of Mac minis
  • – Test environments with automatic DeployStudio provisioning

We can rapidly deploy and scale a custom solution. Custom solutions range from two Mac Pros and a load balancer, to multiple cabinets full of Mac Pros. Contact us for more information and to receive a quote.